kokatat tropos swift entry drysuit?

looking for a drysuit for winter fishing in m SOT, and the price of the kokatat swift entry drysuit caught my attention. it is 300$ on sale, and was wondering if it was a good suit to get? there is the tropos 3 suit, and the regular tropos suit, they use 2 different fabrics, as far as i can tell. the tropos 3 is around 500, while the tropos is 300. i dont want to sound like a tightwad, but if i can go with the cheapest, i would like that, as i am in college and money is a bit tight. thanks for any advice!

nevermind, only one size is left, apperently its being discontinued

I’ve got the swift entry
Been using it/happy with it since 2005. You’ll love it. Having a drysuit expands the temperatures and conditions you can paddle in. Re the two different materials, I got one of the last of the urethane-lined models, so can’t really speak to that. Go cheap and invest the difference in under layers. Socks or no socks? It got without and go with neoprene socks and booties. Either way, enjoy.

(PS: check out a pair of glacier gloves too!)