kokatat vs stohlquist drysuits

in all the discussions about drysuits, stohlquist is rarely mentioned - any ideas why ??

NRS brand as well
No one ever mentions the NRS Entrant drysuit either (only $450). I assume it’s because no options for relief zipper or booties. Maybe also the fabric is less breathable than Gore-tex?

i could probably get by w/o the relief zipper, but hate those ankle gaskets - attractive price

I’d Take Either, Provided …
the suit comes with booties AND relief zipper. Omit one or the other and you’ll regret it. :wink: It’s is possible to add either on a later time. Most do when they didn’t get one or the other.


new product coming
I’m waiting til winter to purchase either from the rumor mill:

the NRS entrant WB drysuit, new version with relief zipper (and I hope) booties

new Kokatat WB (not goretex) drysuit (under $500 I hear)

In a recent post on drysuits Stolquist received mention right up there with Kokatat as a preferred brand.


Kokatat Tropos

I’m certainly NO expert here, but I spoke to a guy at the Kayak Centre in RI last month and he recommended waiting for the new Kokatat Tropos suit due out…I think he said in January? He also said it would be around $450-500 with relief zipper and socks.

I was prepared to wait, until I found a good price on a Kokatat Gore Tex Meridian. I figured for another $200 or so, it was worth going for the Gore-Tex. A drysuit isn’t something that I’ll likely buy again. One time deal.

I shyed away from the NRS suits because they didn’t offer socks or the relief zipper and didn’t offer Gore-Tex. They said they had a company that could retro-fit the zipper for an additional cost. Not sure how their Entrant or Kokatat’s Tropos would compare to Gore-Tex. Wasn’t worth it to me to chance it.

Never considered Stolquist. No-one local seams to carry them to have a look at one.


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new Kokatat tropos drysuit - no
semidrysuit with relief zip and feet - yes

The new Kokatat suit will not have a latex neck gasket. It will have a neoprene neck and offically be a semi-drysuit.

that’s too bad
As i’m a big fan of the Tropos material in terms of it’s breathability. I’m also a big fan of NRS’ new breathable fabric as I have their drytop which is made with that material. Basically, if they can come out with a reasonably priced dry suit with a relief zipper and goretex booties, they’ll have a great product on their hands. I’m currently using a two-piece dry system but I’m going to keep an eye on the new NRS, Palm, Ravenspring, and Bomber products to see if they can develop a full featured dry suit at a rock bottom price (I know Ravenspring and Palm are already at that level).

Stohlquist seems to be less advertised
I have a Stohlquist drysuit and am happy with it. Price is about the same as Kokatat for the same material (Gore-tex).

Sizing is different; Stohlquist’s Small is trimmer than Kokatat’s Small.

Since Stohlquist is made in the state where I live, the brand is well-known here (though drysuits from any manufacturer almost always have to be special-ordered, as sea kayakers are rare here and WW kayakers seem to prefer wetsuits–so forget about trying on a drysuit in a CO store).

I see far fewer Stohlquist ads than I do Kokatat.

The Stohlquist drysuit is getting a rework in details and the material for 2005. Very nice hand to the fabric and good detail touch ups from the model I saw displayed. Still prefer my Bomber Gear Radiator w/zip though. Only material that I haven’t outsweated yet. (Haven’t tried them ALL in the field either, my closet and wallet aren’t that big).

See you on the water,



Stohlquist dry suits are another well kept secret, but definitely worth checking out.

I’ve had a Maytag for four years and I’ve been quite happy with it. The only two quibbles I have with it are that the grippy butt patch (which they no longer use) makes sliding in and out of a boat more difficult and the cover over the neck seal is too small to close if you have a size 17 neck and wear a size medium-large suit. Performance-wise, the suit has been great and I like the fit much better than Kokatat suits, which are cut way too roomy for me.

Mine came with ankle seals, but I installed latex socks and would never go back. The relief zip is a must. After three years of frequent use, I replaced the wrist and neck seals, which is to be expected. The rest of the suit is leak-free and going strong.

Unfortunately, the dry suit link on their web site isn’t working today. It appears that they’re re-vamping the site. It will be interesting to see what the new '05 models are like.

Hmmmm… seems like a suit with booties but without a waterproof neck gasket could be a mite uncomfortable in the event of a wet exit. With a semi-drytop, one can pull the latex wrist gaskets away from the wrist and drain the water that collects there. Now, with booties, just how does one drain a semi-drysuit? Inquiring minds want to know :wink:

May be fine
I think it matters more if you wish to use it for whitewater or winter ocean kayaking, with repeated dunking and or an emergency swim.

That said, I have their tropos semi dry top and find that only a few drops gets in with a wet exit. I can make it completely dry if I wear a mystery full hood with the neck over it. I have used latex necks and they have also leaked about the same for me, I think it has to do with the tendons on our necks sticking out during roll maneuvers.

Just my experience and point of view, bottom line it has to work for you for what you want to do with it of course