Kokatat warranty

it’s true,they have a killer warranty. I sent back a five yr old goretex drysuit that had some delaminated goretex after a couple yrs use and needed new gaskets,I was living with a leaky suit then hung it up,for the price of new gaskets I’m getting a new suit.

Goretex only

That great warrantee is only for their Goretex suits (by the way).

That’s because it’s Gore’s warranty
Gore warrants their fabrics for life against delamination and other defects. Even if Kokatat was to go out of business (NO, I’m NOT trying to start a rumor), Gore would replace a suit with defective fabric with another brand of suit of comparable quality. They ain’t kiddin about their warranty.

Exact same experience
Sent in my Kokatat Gore-Tex Expedition Dry Suit for examination and gasket replacement. Kokatat found that the Gore-Tex was starting to delaminate, so they sent me a new dry suit for the price of the gaskets.

I know it is the Gore-Tex guarantee, but Kokatat is so good about employing it.

Same experience here

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As above, the drysuit was replaced for the cost of the gaskets that would have required replacement on the old suit - less than $100. I presume that, had it been my suit with shortened arms and legs, we'd have had the charges to do those changes again as well.

But what a deal. Won't go other than GoreTex again since that's where the warranty is based.