Kokatat Women's Drysuits (XLs)

Looking for advice from women who are in this sized suit. According to the size chart…I should be able to get in this…I’m 5’10-1/2, so just over max height. Weight wise, I’m over that, but measurement wise, I’m ok. I’m trying to decide if I should go with the mens XXL or just see if the women’s XL will work. I’m hoping the extra cut for the hips make a difference in the fit, since I have the most extra weight around my middle. I normally wear about a womens size 20. I don’t want the suit to be too tight or too lose. I found out early in the season that upsizing (I lost 30 lbs) got annoying fast. But I don’t want to put undue stress on the most expensive garment I will ever own! I know I should just go try one on, but I probably won’t buy full price so I don’t want to waste someones time at a shop. Thanks for any tips!

call Kokatat

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Their customer service folks are very helpful in suggesting size ranges for body types. Also, I have found that their standard measurement charts are completely accurate (unlike most other manufacturers.)

Maybe if I tell them my measurements they can confirm if an off the rack suit would work for me. Good idea! it’s also comforting to know customer service is good. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m a short fat woman. The WXL-S is too confined for me. I need some extra room for layering and actually getting the thing on and off. Just ordered a custom GFER from Kayak Academy and they sent a loaner.

Check the sizing out:


Men’s & Unisex Sizing Chart for Kokatat Products


Women’s Sizing Chart for Kokatat Products

Kokatat will work with you for a custom fit. Worth it for this crazily expensive drysuit!

If you are under ALL the measurements, the drysuit will fit. BUT as you are over the height, you should check the inseam. If your “height” is in your torso, you will probably not fit in the XLS. If your height is in legs, you may just need to get length added for a nominal charge (cheaper to do up front rather than add after purchase).

I second calling in to Kokatat, the customer service team is # 1 for sure. Be ready with your tape measure though and know your inseam, height and all the other pertinent measures as shown on the size chart. Also, measure with your layers on.

If you have a store nearby that sells Kokatat, they will send a loaner out for you to try on.


Thanks, gals, for the tips! It makes you feel good when you spend that kind of money and the company has top notch customer service! :slight_smile: I will definitely start by calling them.