Kokatat Wool core pants for MEN! Review

Ok I an a Kokatat junkie. So I bought the wool core pants and long sleeve shirt. Really nice stuff as usual.So I gear up today and have my dry suit & polartec bunny suit on and I am ready to leave. Go to hit the head for the last time just in case. Get to the right room in the house and their is NO FLY opening to my disbelieve :>( So i take all the gear off to swap them out and wife said I was crazy. I said when I come back I usually need to go fast. Go out today 5 hours wind, rain, 38* felt no need to go. That is till I am on the floating dock. Well if I didn’t swap out earlier I think I would have been out of luck time wise! LOL. Wore the top and it was nice.So 85 bucks for the pants and I can’t use them I am pissed pun intended! Only hop is the talyor to make an access hole in them. out of 10 I give them a 2 rating do to lack of access. Will ask kokatat why they did this.

no fly shown
looked on web site and picture clearly shows no fly but they should also say it. Off to tailor or canvas guy.




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