kokatat XCR Action Jacket

Does anyone have any experience with this jacket? I need a new one and this looks pretty good. Mostly used for cooler weather and rain. Maybe over a wetsuit.


Good stuff
That’s my daily paddling top, as I can’t abide latex around my neck. The fabric is quite tough, but is breathable. I wear it more than I thought I would, as it does not get particularly hot (and I am sensitive). I bought it last spring partly on the recommendation of Brian at Cape Falcon, and he beats the crap out of his gear. The thicker gore-tex will last much longer than gore-tex pac-lite material or tropos.

Initially the latex cuffs were a little snug on my fat wrists, but I stored it with beer bottles in the sleeves for a while and they gradually relaxed. I’m planning to check out the new Kokatat Tempest pants to mate with the top, as I don’t have a drysuit anymore. I think it’s a safe buy, as long as you don’t expect it to be fully dry when rolling - it won’t be.

hi …i have a Kokatat XCR pullover jacket. Size Large. /// goretex , very similiar to the TecTour jacket …hooded, rubber gaskets on sleeves, double skirt around waist. Yellow color. It’s really to small for me , i can’t wear anything under it for warmth. I bought BN and never used it… I am willing to part with it for $150 plus U-pay shipping.

Not my size.
Thanks anyway

one of my favorite pieces of paddling