Kokotat Idol 2-Piece Drysuit

Has any one tried the new drysuit, the Kokotat Idol 2-piece one? I’m considering buying one.

Contact Marshall
@ The River Connection.

He has quite a bit of experience with the new Kokatat Idol.

Getting into my dry suit
is one I don’t particularly enjoy. Getting out of it is no fun either. The idol would be something I would consider.


Watch the video.

As advertised
Keep in mind lining up the zipper while in the suit is like backing up a car using your mirrors. Practice. Additionally, crank the locking knob all the way down for a seal. The fit and cut of the garment is terrific. The convertibility into a Dayton of just the top half of the suit is a definite bonus.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY