Kondos Canoe Pack

Has anyone used Kondos outfitter canoe packs? I’m curious about the quality. Thanks.


nobody’s seen these packs? i read that they’re used in Quetico area.

I have no experience with Kondos packs. I’ve stumbled across their web-site while doing searches for “canoe packs”. Unfortunately their web-site product descriptions are so minimal & their images are so small and dark (and do not enlarge) that I can’t make “heads nor tails” of their products. They may make sturdy packs with nice features for all I know, but they surely haven’t learned much about taking advantage of the marketing power of the internet yet.

As you may have already realized the Boundary Water Journal also sells some of the Kondos line of packs under their own (BWJ) label. I’d go to the BWJ site for somewhat better images and descriptions of some of the Kondos line.


Some more interesting reading and links related to canoe packs can be found at:


I hope some of this is helpful. Randall