Kopelli prize

Anyone know how to claim Kopelli prize when the instructional email never received?

What is it?


The winner apparently is Please wait, system updating.

Wonder if there’s some sort of nondisclosure contract a sweepstakes winner must agree to as in the four years I’ve been here, have never come across anyone acknowledging they won.

The misspelled Kokopelli threw me off a bit. I didn’t know the prize existed. In the old days, I entered every contest on p.net back then. Won nothing.

I think I gave that I gave up on “the sweepstake” about a decade ago…

It’s Kokopelli; NOT Kopelli, and if someone named it for Kokopelli, I can’t imagine why?
Because Kokopelli was often represented in stories as a flute playing, trickster/joker.

Jester 42

A representation I made of Kokopelli sits by my computer; to remind me to NOT take anything too seriously…

The girlfriend of a paddling friend won a canoe from the contest about 4 years ago, so I can confirm someone wins things :slight_smile: