Kruger boats

I’m looking to buy a used Kruger designed boat, whether it be a Loon, Monarch, or Sea Wind. If anyone knows of any that are availible I would greatly appreciate it.

Check out the Pamlico 160. Its a Plastic Kruger !!

yeah, right
try paddling that boat on any ocean with nasty weather for a long distance with hundreds of pounds of gear and food.

Or dragging it up a cliff , and down,
on the Colorado River.

. with a spray skirt and bags its as sea worthy as any Kruger. At ¼ the price… actually if the crap was really hitting the fan I would rather be in My QCC or ON my Tarpon. also why he didn’t just use a RAFT on his trip down the Colorado is beyond me. I guess it was more HE-MAN fluff for future stories and C&K articles!! Your supposed to work SMARTER not HARDER!! Ime just yanking your chain about the 160, but It does look like a plastic Kruger…

please tell me Swedge just forgot his meds today. ;p

There Was A Sea Wind On The Wet Coast
There was a Kruger Sea Wind for sale in Merced, CA. About 50 miles down the road from me. He tried to sell it on several occaisions for about $3K, but I don’t know if he still has it…

They were paddling UP the Colorado.
Not as easy in a raft.

Believe one just sold here for $3,900+

– Last Updated: Jan-31-05 11:15 AM EST –

It was still in the classifieds last week, but seems to be gone now.

Good Luck.

I don’t think Swedge has ever seen
a Kruger, let alone paddled one. I have had that privilege , thanks to a p.netter.I’ll never spend that kind of money on a boat unless I decide to go on an expedition.

Bet you could
just bolt lawnmower wheels on that 160 and run with the big boys at Daytona, too. Hehehe…

only if the Lawn mower was made by Ducati!!!