Kruger Canoes - not trolling

I am seriously interested - though I am sure people will think this is a troll.

What makes a Kruger Canoe superior? I see it has more layers of kevlar, and it has a deck.

It must, though, obey the same laws of physics regarding stability, speed, tracking, maneuverability etc. Surely other designers have made similar craft?

If it is just that Verlen Kruger was a dedicated guy, then any canoe might have done the trick.

Can someone who has paddled one relate how it compared to more common craft?

Thanks (and do try not to fight)

Can handle big water and moving water

I paddle a Sea Wind Super (the largest volume Kruger, I think) on a shallow & twisty stream in December of 2006 and was surprised at how well that 17’ plus boat handled that twist moving water. It was very stable, comfortable, controllable and secure feeling.

I bought a Sawyer Loon (the lowest volume Kruger design, I think) last summer and had it out on a largish lake with a bit of wind and 2’ waves (trough to crest) and it handled those conditions great and was a lot of fun.

The Sea Wind was noticeably more robustly built and stiffer than my Loon and it also had more accessories and features than the Loon. That stronger build and those additional features only add another 11 pounds.

I think they’re great all around boats. I don’t need that much volume and I’d like it to weigh 45 lbs, but I like paddling both the Loon and the Sea Wind. I’d love to own a Sea Wind and probably will some day.

I had verlen build me a sea wind back in 97. I had paddled many other boats in my life…canoes and kayaks. I was looking for a comfortable boat that I could sit in all day. My sea kayaks sucked in that matter. I hated being jammed into my cockpit and always wet. I test paddled one of verlens boats and i dont think i was on the water more than 15 seconds and I was sold…mainly the ease and comfort factor. We paddled upstream of his house and i felt i had so much control weaving around logs and rocks etc All my effort was for forward motion due to the rudder use etc. I didnt have to do prys, draws, braces etc…its was all forward.

The boat is so much more roamy than any sea kayak ive had or paddled so you dont have to have the smallest of dry bags to fit it. I use two 5300cc bags often and no problem getting them into the boat. HEck on weekend trips ive brought a case of beer, folding table, cooler and two burner coleman stove…I could never do that in my sea yak.

The deck on his boats have a lip to them which deflects water from pouring over the top and on you so you stay really dry. My sea kayak friends are always wearing hot sweaty suits and are always wet when im paddling next to them in a t-shirt and shorts etc and dry. I like this factor in the design of the lip. You can adhear a spray cover for it too in real rough water.

The extra features are nice too…

Sail Mount

Built in catamarand sleeve for connecting two of the same boats. Verlen used this method when paddling the big oceans as well as the amazon in which one person could sleep whhile the other paddled.

The boat has 8-10 layers MORE kevlar than any production canoe or kayak built in north america. I will put money on my boat being stronger than an aluminum canoe and would hit the bottom with a sledge hammer to prove its strength. Ive accidently had mine blow off my truck at 50mph on the highway and watched in sumersault about a dozen times. Only a few scratches.

Verlens goal for building these boats was comfort, strentght , ease of paddle, durabilty and efficientcy. HE covered them well. Yeah sure there are other boats that perform better for your particular use but i put it highest on my list.

As far as your comment about being slow, I would disagree. I kept up with TANDEN sea kayaks for two weeks…ie. they had two people paddling to my one self. Ive gone as much as 45 miles on flat water in one day and as much as 125 miles in one day with a current. The fact that Im not tired after paddling 15 hours in one says a lot to my old sea kayaks where i was usually spent after 8 hours of non stop paddling.

You can test paddle mine if your in montana and i can send you photos if you like to see some.



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I am trolling, just check out the Pamlico 160 and tell me its NOT a Plastic Kruger. *L*

No comparison

A foot + shorter

30 lbs heavy

5 inches wider

No sail mast

No Catamaran sleve

No strength

It has hard chine

Appears to have to rocker.

probably an ok boat for the money but i wouldnt paddle it for a month trip.

My birch bark canoe has more of the same dimentions as the Pimelco and i dont compare them as a plastic Wabinaki Tchiman

I think of Krugers as
fiberglass Kleppers.

i can’t justify cost
of a kruger.

you’re right, $5K is A LOT to spend on a boat, especially one that’s 62 pounds. great boats for their intended usage, but not one that I’d want to portage every day.

i’d rather have two other canoes than any one kruger. heck, i have three canoes, and they didn’t cost me anywhere near $5k. One is a Bob Special wood strip, the other a wood strip Jensen C1 and a Bell Rob Roy, which I got for a steal in 2001 for $1200. Nowadays they’re $2K-plus. In all I have about $2500 in those boats.

the pamlico is a very nice yak to go yaking for fun…might not be for oceans or big lakes canoeing.

i have a pamlico 135t transform in a solo kayak…and i just love it…i was looking for the kruger first before i saw the price off it …outch…but they do worth it…but i did not want to spend that kind off $ for one canoe. so i got a couple ones…canoe kayak and sit on top for even les then one kruger.

but wow…they are something hsel for a long period and long paddle.


one more ideal.
if you do like a deack canoe…this rob canoe is something hesle…wow.


little link that help you…look at the main page to…a lot of good info on the kruger.

good shoping.


deck canoe.
mr jay morrison cross the canada in a deack canoe …

look at the pict here a veryvery nice canoe and you can do a little reserche on that model to.


don’t want to shamelessly plug …

If you’re inclined to stitch and glue boat building, I have plans for hulls modeled after the Sea 1 and the Sea Wind.

I named mine South Wind and North Wind.

Matt - JEM Watercraft

Kruger canoe
All boats are a compromise. An expedition boat has to work in all conditions by definition. I am a 35 year paddler, mostly in sea kayaks, who has been recently Krugerized. You can own a number of boats that for a specific use may be better but when you are out there you are paddling the one you brought. The Kruger is the least compromised boat I have paddled. It does everything well,even day paddle. I believe the Kruger is the best all around boat I have paddled and is worth the investment. Money and weight soon fade when you experience the efficiency and comfort of a Kruger.

stich and time save nine
I always wondered if anyone ever did a stripper Kruger. Yours looks like they are about 98% as close to the original. WOuld like to see a photo of one if you can email it to me.


What do you dislike about it?

What sucks?

sent an email.