Kruger Canoes

He’s read the reviews, crawled the websites and my Dad is very interested in Kruger Canoes.

He and my little brother encounted a gentlemen with a Sea Wind when they were paddling the everglades and had some great things to say about the boat.

A Couple of questions for you p.netters:

  1. Is direct the only place to buy one?
  2. Is the anybody close to Western SD willing to let us test paddle one?
  3. Do they paddle well with a double bladed paddle
  4. Whats the sail rig cost?

    Any helpful insight regarding these craft would be welcome!

Califronia Classified
A nice guy down in Merced wants to sell his pristine Kruger Sea Wind for $3,200. Mick Wood actually helped to build it when he worked for Verlen Kruger. Check the PNET clssified under canoes for California

Thanks for the tips 'Cuda. How are the waves out there right now? Maybe I’ll have to drive out and pick it up?

The Waves Are Very Cold!
Surf is kicking, but ocean water temps below 50!


Many folks on the watertribe website paddle Kruger Boats. Place your question on that website and you will get much helpful information.

Kruger Canoes discussion board
There is also a discussion board on

I am paddling Sea Wind in Colorado:

Answers to a Few Questions
Only places to buy a Kruger are from the Kruger shop itself or used. From the shop, it’s $1500 down, balance after it’s done in 6-8 months. As for a test drive, if I get lucky, I’ll have one when I visit S.D. this summer. I’ve kind of given up on one THIS year, but if I find a used one, it’s a possibility. The problem with TRYING a Kruger, is that you’ll feel you HAVE to get one. As for which blade, both work. I prefer a canoe paddle since the single blade just has a better “Feel” to me. WW

one for sale in AZ
it is on the pnet classifieds. 2500.00 sounds like a good deal.

It Sold Already
They never last long. WW

Kruger is About 45 minutes away
Let me know if I can be any help. Lansing, Michigan, is where they’re made. Beautiful boats for extended tripping. WOW.