Kruger Sea Wind

where to begin,
I use to paddle sea yaks but no longer after purchasing a decked canoe…reasons being.

In a kayak I was always wet from wave action. I prefer to be dry which the Kruger provides with its unique rim on the deck which deflects water. I also didnt like to be so damn cramped and sitting so low in a sea yak. I like to be able to move around and hate to get out to streatch. The Kruger is really comfortable not being cramped. Why would you want to be miserable after sitting in a boat for 10 hour?

Other benefits I like.

12 Layers of kevlar in the hull. Which is 9-10 layers more than any production canoe or kayak made in the entire world! Its indestructable.

Roamy- You can sleep IN it! You can sleep under it and make a shelter.

You can carry 8 weeks worth of food and 300 lbs of gear. If you just want to go our for a weekend. It will hold a cooler containg 3 cases of beer, a folding table, two burner coleman stove, folding chairs and plenty of other stuff.

Ease of portage. Its the only boat I like to portage. Has a built if portage yoke.

You can sail it using its built in sail mount.

You can catamaran two of the same boats so one person can paddle while the other sleeps.

Handles all types of water and is good for 95% of North American waterways/rivers

I think its lightweight. Those that dont need to get in better shape to carry the extra 5-10 pounds. Besides 55lbs in water is only about 3.8lbs in reality. If you want a light boat, bring a light weight tent and bag to make up the difference.

For an expedition boat it is very fast.

Its awesome in upstream travel with the rudder which reduces the work load of the paddler.

Disadvantages? I dont like the “map rack” on the side. Too flimsy and gets caroaded in salt water easily. However it can easily be modified.

I also like the history of the boat. It was designed by a ledgend and proven expedition tough including the longest paddle trip on record- 28,000 miles during 1 trip alone. Any boat that can tackle the Pacific from Skagway Alaska to Cabo San Lucus in Mexico as well as upstream the entire Colorado river is well worth anyprice for the last boat you will ever need to purchase.

I gave my sea kayak away once I got it and it was no cheapy to begin with. Hell I pay 15k for a car that last 10 years. I dont know why people whine to pay 3k for a canoe that will last long after Im dead.


what is the yellow round thing
what is the yellow round thing in front of the cockpit on Chief’s Dreamcatcher?

its the pic where the kayak is standing vertically and the caption says he is pouring floatation into it…

I like the Dreamcatcher, maybe someday, but next for us is Tandem, probably the CD kestrel 170

Sea Wind in open water
Perhaps, it is worth to be aware that Verlen Kruger and Steve Landick paddled along the west coast in modified boats with smaller, kayak like cockpits, and bulkheads (predecessors of Dreamcatcher):

I am just thinking how to modify my Sea Wind for coastal crusing. To close the stern end by a bulkhead with a deck plate?