Kruger Sea Wind

Any Sea Wind paddlers out there?

My back won’t tolerate the sitting position of a kayak, even a sit-on-top. And I want to venture off shore in the Pacific, which is unwise in a Wenonah Vagabond (even with float bags). The Sea Wind seems like a good hybid – deck and spray skirt, but canoe seating position.

I read the recent review of decked canoes in Paddler magazine. But I’d like to hear from people who own one.

How do you like it? What’s good about it? What are the disadvantages?

Also, if someone in the SF Bay area has one, I’d love to see a Sea Wind before I plunk down the deposit.


Mcwood2 will surely reply
Micks got a few I think.


Don’t Have One - Don’t Answer???
I’ve paddled a SeaWind and I own an Oscoda Loon, which is a predecessor. I spoke with Verlin several times, met the new owners, paddled with lots of SeaWind owners, etc.

From everything I’ve read and heard, the SeaWind is the ultimate tripping/expedition canoe/kayak.

They balance beautifully for portaging, are heavy (65 lbs.) in Kevlar, are stable, are comfortable, and will take on any types of waters w/right paddler. GREAT canoe…


(70 minutes from Lansing, the SeaWind’s home).

loon and monarch
I’ve read about the Loon (still in production) and the Mad River Monarch (out of production), which preceed the SeaWind. Seems like Verlen had quite a commitment to perfecting the decked canoe.

Sea Wind in Colorado
Disadvantages: expensive, heavy, difficult to get …

Advantages: well, check my website

and my movies featuring Sea Wind:

You could also check WaterTribe site - there is always some discussion concerning Kruger boats, even right now. I am assuming that you are already familiar with the KrugerCanoes site.

If you are planning coastal paddling look at Dreamcatcher as well.

There are 7 or 8 different decked canoes

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I am familiar with and can recommend to you: Bell Rob Roy, Sawyer Loon, Clipper Sea 1, Mad River Monarch (no longer made), Kruger Sea Wind, Kruger Sea Wind Super, Kruger Dreamcatcher, and I have heard of a new one or two. I was told that they are yet to be named.

What is your weight and how much weight do you plan on carrying?

How much does wind effect on the hull concern you?

Does weight of the boat concern you?

And so on ... What are the important things in a boat for you?

Speaking of Sea Winds, where is the "Order Form" page on the Kruger site? It seems to be missing. Anyone know what happened to it?



new decked canoes?
do tell. a couple new models coming out? who’s the builder? come on, mick. don’t dodge the hard-hitting questions. :slight_smile:

Do not know much more than that, sorry.
Saw one prototype down south. No change to paddle it. Heard from someone that did. Sounds promising.

We will all just have to wait an see, I quess.



seat height
How low can you comfortably sit? That, your weight, and how much gear you carry should determine if the Sea Wind is a good fit.

I paddle a Mad River Monarch, whose hull shape is very close to the Sea Wind, and whose seating is nearly identical. It has 3 seat heights, at roughly 4", 6", and 8". When I paddle solo on flatwater or easy rivers, 8" is great and amply stable. When I paddle with my daughter or on whitewater, the 6" height is great. But, when I paddle on the ocean, I find the 4" height is best.

I weigh about 165 lb and typically carry no gear. If you weigh more, it will feel less stable, and if you carry gear, it will feel more stable.

I think you are on the right track with the Sea Wind, but it still is a relatively low seat for a canoe, particularly since you need to sit (rather than kneel) to use the rudder to maximize its performance.

|What is your weight and how much weight

|do you plan on carrying?

I’m 250 lbs, 6’, and have never been limber. I would have just a few lbs payload most of the time, but might want to do some overnights at some point.

|How much does wind effect on the hull

|concern you?

Main issue is keeping up with seakayaks on windy days. I don’t expect to be out in a gale any time soon.

|Does weight of the boat concern you?

Not so much. I could lift a 60 lb boat onto my roof. I’m not sure I’d want much more than that.

|And so on … What are the important things

|in a boat for you?

Overall, low back comfort (raised seat, bent knees) and seaworthiness (so I can paddle with seakayaks in coastal waters in the SF Bay area) are the main issues.

Seat height is a key factor for me in terms of comfort. I haven’t measured the height in my Wenonah Vagabond, but it’s fine. I could perhaps go a bit lower, but not much. I’m almost always in a sitting position with a footbrace rather than kneeling.

Another issue is float bags. If I’m doing rescues, etc., I’d hate to have to pump out the whole thing. So I either need tie-down points, or need to glue some in.

|Speaking of Sea Winds, where is the

|“Order Form” page on the Kruger site?

|It seems to be missing. Anyone know what

|happened to it?

Prices have gone up since the form was posted.

take too long to get
I think the major problem is the wait to get one. It seemed like something crazy like a 2 year wait to get one. That was enough to kill my interest in getting a Kruger boat.

wait list
It’s 6 months at present.

that’s not too bad, did it used to be worse, or was it just my imagination

Ask Mick - He’ll Tell You
Of the NUMEROUS canoes and kayaks I paddle, there is one I’d still like to get (okay, a couple).

Anyway, that ONE is the Kruger SeaWind. Best all-around canoe/kayak ever built, period.

First time I paddled one, I said, “Slow, heavy,” etc. But there is no other canoe/kayak (which I know of) which can everything (almost everything) very, very well. Thing is, I don’t need one - I don’t paddle UP the Mississippi or ALONG the Oregon coast (like Verlen did).

Verlen was the greatest paddler who ever lived - God rest his soul…


Kruger’s Seawind in California??
I would like to take a look at a seawind before I order one. I am in Central Ca Sacramento and Santa Barbara. I would greatly appreciate a Seawind owner allowing me to take a look

JB Jones

Portages Easy
Forgot to mention the balance for portaging these boats is perfect. Score of 13 out of 10!!!

Thanks for bringing this back to the top

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Will try to get back and answer your questions this afternoon. It will most likely be a bit long so I can not attempt it now. Printed out your question(s), thought about them, and made several notes. Then I misplaced the paper and forgot ... Have what I think will be good info for you (all).

If I miss responding to a post and someone would like my opinion just e-mail and remind me. E-mails are always welcome. Glad to help if I can. :^)

I do apologize for leaving the post hanging. :^(




There are several Sea Winds in CA.

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The two or three I know of personally were near, SW of San Francisco. I think they have mover though.

Verlen used to check his sales records when someone like you asked to see his canoes. He would contact the owner in your area and ask if they would mind showing their Kruger. If they agreed he would facilitate a meeting.

I do not know if Mark, the current owner of Kruger Canoes does this or not. It seems I remember something about him not doing so, but you should contact him and ask.

Hope helps.



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No one has ever ordered a Kruger using an order form!

Call them up!