Kruger Seawind vs. Sawyer Loon????

This is a follow-up to my previous post about the Loon.

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two boats in terms of handling characteristics?

I will have to check research teh specs but my understanding is that the Seawind is wider and deeper but not sure what the differences are in handling, etc.



not much
Loon came first.

Monarch had some improvements.

Sea Wind came even later with some mods.

The Loon had the “leanest” stern. It had the lowest volume, in other words. That made it efficient but folks say it maxed out at a somewhat slower speed as it tended to squat in the rear under high power.

The Monarch evidently has a little more volume in the Stern.

The Sea Wind has even more volume in the stern. The bow entry is also swept back more. The sides have a bit more flare to them to deflect waves and splash from the side.

I don’t think you would notice much difference in handling between the three boats.

I have a Monarch and have the opportunity to get a Sea Wind if I relinquesh my Monarch. Not sure I want to do that! The Kruger is a bit heavier and I think a bit “taller” or higher volume, which I don’t need.