Krylon Fusion

Anybody able to share their experience with Krylon Fusion spray cans on Royalex canoes?

works great
A local dealer told me not to bother with the “canoe spray paint” offered by manufacturers - it is the same.

Challenges: Get a colour that is close to the original. For touch ups, no problems, but trying to evenly coat a whole canoe takes several cans of paint. Personally, I don’t really care, so a couple of my canoes are a bit blotchy. I put a white waterline on a blue canoe, and it took three cans.

Thoe outer layer of royalex is vinyl, so anything that says it adheres to vinyl is fine (some store-brand paints are likely just as good)

that’s good news.
I just ordered 14 cans, 10 green for my 2 green canoes and 4 in red for my sons. I’m primarily a functionalist, any attempts at beauty would be negated by low water rapids, but I do want to cover up the underlying layers where exposed and spruce things up a bit. Thanks for the tips and encouragement.


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Sorry to hear that, cause The stuff doesn’t work any better then regular paint. Yeah It might work for a "STATIC" item that just sits there. but on my Yack its gets used and the paint just scratches off.

that’s okay
eventually all the rocks I hit will be kryloned as well, then the next time there won’t be an issue, except for the red and green getting mixed up on my and my sons canoes.:wink:

Be it…
good as real vinyl paint - nooo! Be it good enough - yup!