KS Kayakers Find Mastodon


LAWRENCE, Kan. – What started as a kayaking jaunt turned into a journey into Kansas’ prehistoric past.

Four family members – brothers Mark and Garry Bichelmeyer, their cousin Mike Billups, and Garry Bichelmeyer’s grandson, Kyler Mogusar – were out on the Wakarusa River on Aug. 16 when they found some bones exposed by low water levels.

Garry Bichelmeyer didn’t recognize what he had found at first, mistaking the first piece for a rock or log. Not long after that, though, the brothers were pulling a jawbone as long as a man’s arm out of the riverbed.

But more importantly…
…what were they paddling?


"After that, they want to display it at a Tonganoxie steakhouse owned by another Bichelmeyer brother.

“My brother is already trying to figure out woolly mammoth burgers or something,” Garry Bichelmeyer said."

That’s easy…just throw some hair in the hamburger and voila! Instant woolly mammoth burger.