KSA Transport??????????

Has anyone had any contact with KSA Transport in the last month or so? I am trying to get a kayak picked up that I had talked to them about. They are not answering e-mails or returning phone messages.

It’s K.A.S. Transport
And yes, Steve was here a week or so ago picking up a kayak heading to Savanah after a drop in Missouri. He has taken other boats w/no problem in the past also, customer stated boats arrived, even though not wrapped, unscathed. And he has a cool dog! Be patient, he does ALL the driving as far as I know and he runs from New York all over the country and back.

Worth it
Steve’s service and care when handling your boat is worth the wait. I had a cedar strip Outer Island delivered to CT from WI with no marks on it at all. He is hard to reach sometimes but will get back to you if you can wait a while. He only picks up his msgs occasionally but will answer them.


Thanks for the responses. It has been over a month and a half and no responses to multiple e-mails and phone messages. I am beginning to wonder if Steve will still pick it up at some point.

he was out in MN a few weeks ago
Dropped off my new boat. Really nice guy. I can’t believe he wouldn’t return your messages if he was getting them. Contact Deanne at OceanPaddleSports in CA- she can get you his cell number if you don’t have it.


Not sure which phone number you have, here’s Steves cell, 585-313-9467. We also have had great service from Steve.

He dropped off a boat to me this past weekend in Savannah. Then he was heading to the gulf coast. The best way to reach him is on his mobile.