Kudos for THULE

-- Last Updated: May-30-12 11:42 AM EST --

A few weeks ago someone posted a question on whether the Thule Hullavator was worth getting.I wasn't happy with mine and posted so. I have had all kinds of trouble with my hullavator -the latest being an end cap on the round bars that hold the pads went AWOL. Went to my local Thule shop and they just handed me a catalog and told me to call Thule that they didn't know how to find the part. WELL, i am glad they did. I call Thule and I originally just wanted a cap maybe a spare and i told them of my repeated trouble with the system locking into the down position( Even the replacement one)and asked about the bad rusting issues. They asked that i send pictures and explain what was up with my system. Then i get this email saying my order is on the way. What order i think...the caps? I call, it's a whole new Hullavator. WOW...i am sorry what i said about Thule. Those issues do stand but what a pleasant surprise this is. I guess i just got the right person this time. So a big shout out for Thule. You have made my day and renewed my faith.

Good to know
So many places don’t have good customer service these days… great to hear about someone who does. And I am gonna need a new rack system soon so this is good timing.

Free as long as you don’t ask for it
I had a piece of computer equipment become damaged through excessive use and got a response from the manufacturer that it was out of warranty and that there was nothing they could do. When I told them that I just wanted to buy replacement parts and that I didn’t expect anything else, they sent me a complete new one!

My dad has a similar experience with his stove at home. He ordered a replacement part on the phone and the guy said it was no charge since the old one must have been defective. Had he asked for a new one for free, he would have had to pay full price, I’m sure.

It seems like the greedier you are in life, the less you get from customer service people.