Kudos to Bending Branches

After two years of heavy use, I broke the sleeve on my take-apart kayak paddle. (Bending Branches Spirit Day 220 cm touring paddle) My local paddle shop owner called Bending Branches and shipped my paddle back to them last Tuesday. I was shocked to find it shipped back to me fully repaired after only 6 days - and over the holiday weekend !!! And NO CHARGE!!!

And I’m now really pleased with the purchases I made last year of a BB whitewater kayak paddle and a bent shaft canoe paddle - knowing that the company will stand behind their products.

Just couldn’t let such great service go un-recognized.

BB crank shaft wood paddles
There crank shaft wood paddles are so comfortable

for all day paddling. I’ve been using the

evening blade but just bought the day blade as

well. The paddle has that flex of wood which

makes it easier on the shoulders & arms I never

feel sore after all day paddles. I wouldn’t

hesitate to recommend especially at 200.00 or

less depending where you shop.

Hey, thanks. I have a BB paddle and
was wondering what kind of company it was.