Kudos to Stohlquist

We’d like to acknowledge the great customer service we’ve recently had from Stohlquist.

My wife recently purchased a B-Pod suit the local outfitter had had in stock for some time, probably because the neck seal was way tight. Got a heck of deal on it - 1/2 retail, figuring she could pay to get the neck modified and still have a great suit at a very good price.

Called Stohlquist - the immediate response was “Send it back, we’ll replace the gasket with a larger one, no charge - we want her to be comfortable in the suit.” So that’s what we did, and Stohlquist was as good as their word. They replaced the gasket, leak-checked the suit, and shipped it back in very timely fashion. Fits much, much better now. Throughout the process, Stohlquist kept us informed of what was happening, when things arrived and were shipped, and have asked that Chris let them know if she is totally satisfied with the adjustment.

Full marks and thanks to Karen and the rest of the Stohlquist team for a level of customer service that’s all too rare in today’s world. If the suit’s as good as the folks behind it, it’s gonna be a dandy.

Too bad they dropped Gore-tex drysuits
I bought one in early 2003. Needed a repair for a small rip a few years later. They told me they were no longer handling repairs on their Gore-tex suits as they had stopped making those.

Next one is going to be Kokatat, for that reason.

Good for you
Stohlquist suits are, in my opinion, just as good as any other, so it’s nice to see that their customer service can rival their product’s quality. I have a Stohlquist for work and beat the crap out of it. Holds up fine and breathes just as well as my Palm, which I bought for personal use and which has been, likewise, just as bulletproof. I’ve only worn a Kokotat once, but it breathed equally well.

With the lessening of the patent restrictions on Gore-tex fabric in recent years, there are many “breathable” membranes out there which are just as good as Gore-tex (and may even cost less, though that shouldn’t necessarily be the main concern when choosing a drysuit, IMO). Nice that there are now options instead of having to choose between Gore-tex and nylon or rubber. Now we can, instead, choose between suits that fit better, which entry type, and other considerations.