Kudzu Curlew (DIY) question

Does/Has anyone that’s around 6’2" with size 12 feet paddle/paddled a Kudzu Curlew? I’m looking to build a boat over the winter and I like the looks of this one. But no sense building it if it won’t fit. Thanks in advance.


ask designer
Might just ask Jeff, he’s the designer/builder. He’s usually online fairly often and I suspect answers Email quickly. His contact info is on the page you linked to.

Bill H.

Curlew query Pt. 2
I had quite a few questions and Jeff was able to answer all of them except this one. I’ve posted this question quite a few places and either Curlew owners don’t have big feet or all the sasquatch owners are out paddling.

Beauty of SOF is
You can try it on before it is built and just make a frame or two taller. But yeah email the designer first anyway.

re Curlew
Here’s a link to the exchange I had with Jeff. http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/10058-curlew-query/ Note the date. I appreciate the replies but I’ve heard the whole contact the designer thing a lot, which for the first reply I get it. I failed to mention that I had contacted him but beyond that… c’mon man, my second post stated that I’d contacted him.

Easy enough
You have the book, loft out a couple of frames and build them in cardboard or thin ply if you have some laying around. Mock em up and crawl in. If needed raise the frames on top. Worst case you change the looks on top a bit. Boat will paddle the same. Have fun. I love SOF boatbuilding, my pack canoe cost less than 300 bucks.