KW16 canoe?

I am a widow with a canoe that I would like to find out the value of…has anyone heard of a “KW 16” ??? It’s yellow, looks like fiberglass to me, and my husband had it when we were married in 1978? Any ideas?

Maybe the Keewadin 16’ royalex canoe. Not sure if they made them in yellow. Someone out there should have some more info.

I used to be boat inspector for the
Sooutheasterns in the late 70s and early 80s, and we saw lots of Royalex Keewaydins being raced in the downriver solo cruising class. They didn’t have the capacity for whitewater tandem, and they weren’t maneuverable enough for slalom, but they were pretty fast going downriver. They were fairly successful until no longer produced.

If the yellow boat in question is ABS, it should still be good for casual lake use and easy rivers. If damage is minimal, I would ask $40- $500 and see who rises to the bait.

thanks for your help, and I did get a couple of other replies to work with…

After hearing/seeing you mention ABS, that could possibly sound very familiar. When I get the HIN #, I’ll find out more. I don’t remember it being terribly heavy, but I don’t have a lot to compare it to. The two of us could carry it, but it might be very heavy compared to todays standards. It has very little damage to the hull, but the rails need to be replaced. thanks for all of the help!