Ky waterways

looking to do 2/3 day canoe trips on flat water. Does anyone know of any books in print that will help with trip information.

I believe the Sehlinger guidebook for KY
is still available. Used to be Menasha Press. Amazon should list river guidebooks for KY.

thanks for the help.

Kentucky rivers
There are a lot of great places to paddle in Kentucky and a lot of active paddlers here. Check our meetup group Bluegrass Canoe and Kayak, look under the discussions tab for ramp directions.

The Green river above Munfordville down thru Mammoth Cave National Park is usually good. Consider day trips on Grayson Lake, very beautiful after a rainwith lots of waterfalls.

The state also publishes Blue Water Trails, not sure if its on the fish and game site, or tourism but you should be able to google and find it.

Department of Fish and wildlife
Not fish and game. The trails are under the education tab.

I’d add
To the recommendations, the Kentucky River. The Palisades area (Camp Nelson to High Bridge) is especially scenic.