Kydex for deck plates

Some while ago one of you canoeist types was looking for something to make deck plates out of and decided on Kydex.

I have some some molded interior panels of 3 mm Kydex that have no use in their original roles, but from which I could cut some flatish rectangularish bits of deck plate size.

If you want some it’s yours for the cost of mailing.

However, given the ease with which this stuff snaps along a scored line, I’m not sure that it’s really the best material for the application.

Do you know how old the Kydex is?
I know people who used to make nice skid plates out of Kydex. However in working with thin vinyl sheet, I have found that it gets brittle with age. Some flexibility can be regained by annealing, heating in hot water and then letting it cool.

I have some relatively thick Kydex in the basement, and it is quite old. I’ll have to see if it has gotten brittle.

Three or four years maybe
It’s not brittle. It doesn’t crack when bent if not scored.

But score a line with a utility knife and it snaps cleanly along the line.

I did the kydex deck plates

… c2g gave me the idea. If I snap these, I’m pretty far along to being completely screwed anyway :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth
I’ve been vacuum forming carbon fiber deck plates for some time now. They are strong and weigh next to nothing. I can easily make a plaster mold or the bow, including outwales and existing wooden deck if necessary, then mold an exact fitting plate for the boat in question. They’ve been a great way to “fix” a boat with deteriorated outwale ends and decks.

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kydex or whatever
It’s just sheet stock that won’t rot. You could use carbon fiber sheeting or linen micarta, etc. There’s probably an insane amount of materials that could be pressed into use as screw on decks.

Nice option
Like you said, when the rails are rotting on the ends but otherwise sound it’s nice way to go.

I had one in that catagory and cut out the rotten parts and filled it with Elmer’s wood epoxy. It didn’t look nearly as nice as your solution.