Kyote Whitewater Canoe????

Found one of these for sale. Never have heard of this maker before and can’t find anything online. Anyone have any info on them?



Isn’t that a Millbrook?

It’s not listed on the web page so maybe I’m confused.

If it’s the boat I’m thinking of it’s a smaller persons Slalom boat. VERY responsive. It would provide a steep learning curve to a newer white water paddler.

Kaz no longer offers the Kyote.
It is narrow and requires skill to avoid frequent swimming. Here’s a link.

The Hooter is very similar to the Kyote, but is a little wider and more manageable for most folks.

I was at one time interested in a Hooter, but after seeing one in the flesh, I realised it could not handle 225#.

We ought to try to get another boat whore in a Kyote, like Yanoer. He’s kind of small.