L.l. Bean dlx 100 for simple surf

Same boat as perception prodigy, have a chance, new, under 300 bucks! But. For simple waves, 3 ft-ish, any chance? My skill level? Old perception dancer, class 3/4 20 years ago! With a decent skirt, possible to roll?

your old dancer
Is a significantly better boat than the prodigy 100. You can find used ww boats for that kind of money, still newer than your dancet, that could be fun in surf I’d you still have your juju.

If looking for surfing, not the right boat. Look for a Necky Rip (old whitewater style, not new rec boat) or Jive or similar. The boat you are looking at won’t surf well, has too big a cockpit to be able to seal with a skirt, and woukd flood too much with water on the invariable swims.

If a boat to get through the surf zone, get a touring boat with smaller cockpit and good skirt.