Labyrinth Canyon UT

Hello everyone,

I am leaving for my first over night river trip tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has any tidbits for me on Labyrinth. I have read through many of the old posts on the site so I know a fair number of you have done this trip. One of the things I was curious about is the water temperature there for this time of year. I love to swim but I don’t know what the conditions will be like out there. Thanks in advance.

Plan on October trip
We plan on an October trip from Green River to Mineral Springs through Labyrinth Canyon. Have also looked at the posts, guidebooks, and Belknap. Would appreciate reading your trip report and seeing your photos.

cool but
If you got a wet suit go swimming. Its chilly but doable without. I dont think you would be in it verylong.

Yeah its liquid mud for sure. If you tow behind your boat a mesh bag of soda or beer the sand in the water will remove the coloring on the cans…so your budweisers will be all white cans at the end of a day or two.

Thanks for the info I am actually taking off right now to go out there. I don’t like drinking labeless beer so I guess I will just have to drink it all the first day.

I went on the Green for the last two
years in April and the weather was great. It probably will be hot now.

We just went on the Green River
May 14-21 and I thought the water was pretty cold then. Looks like it warmed up a little since we went but 59F is still pretty cold water for this Florida paddler. . I hit 90F a couple of the days we were there so be sure to bring your own shade, ie tarp or other structure.

P.S. Take all the beer, you’ll be glad you did.

wow you guys were dead on, that water was very cold. i am amazed the water can be that cold and have the temperature be so hot in the same place.