Lacing babiche seats

In the cane vs web seats thread the following link was posted:

Does anyone have a link to instructions for lacing this pattern? I have doodled with a CAD program trying to figure it out, but so far no success. Any help would be appreciated.


take a look and see if …
… something like this is what you are looking for .

That is exactly what I was looking for. After reading the instructions, it makes sense to me. I owe you a beer or other beverage of your choice. Thanks!


kinda cool isn’t it …

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...... I've not done it personally , but do understand it .

That drawing diagram shows the laces route very well I think .

Once you get the way the lace wraps (loops) around the wood frame (connection points) , it's nearly a done deal ... except for the fact that you will start out pulling 70'- 90' of cord through each connection loop , but that should start to become less pretty quick , lol .

Just for the sake of anyone not quite seeing the connection to wood frame ... as you come across the field of the seats interior and meet the wood frame , just remember that the lacing goes over the top of the frame 1st (not under) .

Hey, thanks!
I think I’ll try that one next time. It’s only a little more complicated than the chair weave I did on my Penobscot. Similar in the way it wraps around the frame…

And I was looking for an alternative
to drilling all of those damn holes!

Since I will be doing a larger seat (14"x18") vs the 10x15 shown in the drawing I will be pulling over 100’ of cord. Fun times.


did you see the part about Boric Acid
… for Rawhide , that’s interesting !!

Skipped it
I don’t plan on using rawhide (yet). The flat boot lacing that Merrimack uses looks good enough - and I plan on using poly cord for now anyway.

Why is boric acid significant?

opps , correction …
… it was Borax that was mentioned , not Boric acid specifically . The two are related but not the same thing exaclty .

It said when using the raw hide you would want to work it wet or damp , and to add some Borax to the water … it’s suppose to help make the raw hide more suptle and give it a longer life span ??

Makes sense.
Friends of mine who trade in pelts use a lot of Borax.