Lacing load strength

Ok, this may be a hair-brained idea so don’t be gentle….

I’ve been looking at snap-in center seats for a canoe and don’t really like what’s out there, with the exception of a European style that incorporates 2 inch webbing straps:

However, I was wondering if you make your own using 2 inch webbing straps and a seat pad running the webbing through lacing loops if it would work. I figure that the lacing itself would hold but the question is would it put too much stress on the hull? Typically, the lacing would just have to hold cargo down but it’s not usually intended to bear a couple hundred pounds of downward force.

Yeah, I’m overthinking it but that’s what I do……

How will it work around your carry yoke in the OT Camper.

The pull in on the sides will be quite a bit unless you have a thwart or the carry yoke close behind the seat in what ever direction you paddle. They also make ridged drop in seats or maybe you could DIY one. The width has to be right for a store bought one.

Adding or moving thwarts is not that hard to do. I made mine from old aluminum tent poles I had cut them to length flattened ends in a vice and drilled and bolted them in.

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That’s a really good point. Looking at where I wanted to place the seat, it would be between the thwart and the yoke, so I guess that area would have some structural reinforcement

As long as you have room for your knees or room to stretch out your legs without being trapped under something. I got rid of the carry yoke in mine and the wooden thwarts are heavy compared to aluminum.

The other thing is seat height should be lower than thwart height and the lower you can go and still paddle ok the more stability you will have.

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