Lack of paddling location reviews

via context I figured out AIS has something to do with invasive species. What does the “A” stand for?

From google:

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) is a non-native aquatic species that invades ecosystems beyond their natural, historic range. They are spread either intentionally, someone dumping their aquarium contents into a lake, or unintentional by way of ships, fishing, hunting and boating, to name a few.


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I understand the frustration you have about the difficulty of getting good information. I would look for information on State Parks websites. Texas has a page that lists a variety of designated paddling trails:
If you’re a member of a club like ACA, then often that’s a conversation starter with members of other chapters of that club and a great resource for local info.
Lastly, if you find a good local paddle shop, stop by and buy some inexpensive accessory and start a conversation with the staff. I bet you’ll get some good info that way.

Thank you…I’ll try that also.

It is a little like the guy that told me no one goes to that restaurant anymore it is always to crowded.

Up in Lake Erie guys go out fishing and find a hot spot and then get on the radio and tell their buddies about it with the GPS location. If you are just listening in and go to that location you will be 6 miles inland at the mall. They all have a secret code.

I was out on the west coast one time with the family and we stayed in a little motel outside the redwoods. I was having coffee at the motel and struck up a conversation with the lady working there and asked of the couple fliers I had what one would be best to show my son the redwoods. She said well I shouldn’t tell you this but I will and told me directions to a dirt road and make a right and keep driving and don’t worry the road ends but keep going on the path you wont get stuck. We drove several miles and foud the parking area she mentioned with one other car in it and then hiked back on a trail to the most beautiful redwood forest you could ever dream of. She told me one of the Star Wars movies filmed back there.

People like keeping secret places secret.

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I’m with Pikabike on this. We have massive influxes of RVs clogging our parking areas in areas that never had much of an issue before. If you come from out of state and don’t pay taxes and don’t support keeping public lands public and in paying taxes to keep the areas clean, safe and protected, then stay the hell home, and fly your political flags in your own damn yard.


Seadart I can’t help it if your state doesn’t know how to tax tourists. Florida does.

I resemble those previous comments. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve paid my share of gas taxes everytime I fill up the rv. … and wv charges an annual personal property tax on the rv. A better question is, “what state is best when it comes to boating and living out of an rv?” (tax breaks, easy residency, clean fast moving rivers} . That’s where I want to clog up the parking lot. I’m a sophisticated dirt bagger.

As a matter of fact, I was contemplating going tomorrow and parking in the grandview sandbar parking lot (New River in WV) with the camper (campground is probably full)…but wait I’m not done yet, then I’ll probably try to poach a shuttle up river…The good news is I got cold pbr in the camper at the takeout and I’ll share. Make that “slightly drunken paddling rvers clogging the parking lots” and you got me dialed in…now I just gotta figure out how to avoid the toll section of Interstate 70 in Kansas. Now that’s how ya tax, making the country’s first interstate into a toll road!

I’m worried Cali residents aren’t paying enough in gas taxes (what is gas up to, 4.00 a gallon) and will have to install tolls to make up the difference like poor kansas.

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If I’m going somewhere I’m not familiar with, I’ll sometimes ask for info on this board. I don’t usually post reviews myself because (a) I’m lazy and (b) I figure that with so many 1000’s of places to paddle, the odds that someone here will be interested in the particular place I paddled is not high. But if someone said, “hey, I’m thinking of going to Lake Champlain” for instance, I would respond (I was there recently, and on the same trip a couple of places in DelMarVa and Long Island NY and Portland Maine).

I guess it varies, but for the most part, I rarely come across other paddlers on my trips. I’ll often be out and not see another boat of any sort all day (or maybe 1 or 2). Maybe because I’m more often on salt water. I see more crowds on lake and rivers I suppose.

Anyway, if you’re interested in a particular area, you will probably have better luck asking about it to elicit a response rather than hoping that those familiar with the area have posted something.


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