Laguna Madre - Corpus to South Padre

I’m in the beginning stages of planning a trip that will take me from Corpus Christi Bay to Port Isabel via the Laguna Madre. I’ve found lots of information regarding kayak fishing on the LM, but not much info on paddling the entire distance. Any beta would be appreciated.

From what I heard while down there, the tidal range is small and wind will impact paddling conditions more than tidal currents.

They have some kind of odd tide cycle, not the usual two high and two low per day.

Be careful of sting rays on the bottom, which is shallow.

You may already have the waterproof maps published by Fish-N-Map Company.

Mjamja, who sometimes posts here, is from south TX and may chime in with more info when he returns from his spring trip.

I’m gonna . . .
. . . do the Port Mansfield to Corpus Christi stretch. You might wanna consider goin’ the other way as the prevailing wind is outa the South.

Thanks for the info
Thank you both for your input.

It’s looking like the south to north route is the way to go. I’ll be documenting the entire trip via a blog if anyone wants to go along for the ride. More details in the coming months.

If you still need info
please email me at the e-mail link attached to this message.

I have pretty good info on the Port Isabel to Port Mansfield area and for the north end of the “Land Cut” to Corpus Christi.

Unfortunately I have never been down the Land Cut where it is most difficult to find camping locations.

Mark J. Arnold

Corpus Christi, Tx