lake adirondack

has anyone been to this lake? and if so, what can you tell me about it. will be spending two weeks there this summer in a cottage rental…

Adirondack Lake
Lake Adirondack is a small lake in the village of Indian Lake. It should be a nice easy lake for paddling, but it has some development around it and it is small. Nearby there are several other good places to paddle. Lake Abenakee is right down the road. Indian Lake is very large and can get rough, but it is beautiful. Try paddling the south end. Lewey lake is 15 minutes south, also beautiful. There are plenty of places within a half hour drive.

lake adirondack
Hi sue …i can’t find a lake adirondack on the maps i have …where is this lake please? I’ve paddled a few lakes between old forge and blue mountain area.

lake adirondack
lake adirondack is on rte28 near indian lake. thanks for the info on other lakes to try in the area.

There are some good maps for paddling/hiking in this area. The Adirondack Mountain Club and National Geographic have teamed up to produce a series of “Trails Illustrated” maps of the Adirondack Park. Adirondack Lake and Indian Lake are covered in the Northville/Raquette Lake edition (No. 744). Another really good map is “Adirondack Paddler’s Map”, but it does not cover this area of the Adirondacks.


thank you
thanks wetzool for the information on the maps. i had gone to the book store by me and they didn’t seem to have anything for that area. ill try emailing the adirondack mountain club and see if they can tell me how to get a copy. i might just have to wait till i get up there to find the right book for the area…thanks again

You can get them online
from ADK as well.

The ($16.95) paddlers map does not cover your area, but is a great resource.

there is another message board, www.adirondackforum, paddling adirondacks that may offer more Adk info.

The Paddlers map is available from the publisher at St Regis outfitters, 518.891.2525. Tell Dave I sent you.

i will check
out that paddlers map. i do visit the adk forum and will ask around there. thanks for all the help.

Adirondack Lake
I have stayed at 4 cottages on that lake over the years and really enjoy that area. All the spots mentioned are nice.The lake has good large mouth fishing and lots of small islands. I would add the west end of Lake Durant to Rock Pond and south Inlet by Raquette Lake to your paddling list. You will also be close to Cedar River Flow. A rainy day is well spent at the Adirondack Museum.The chamber of commerce building in Indian Lake has a wealth of free books,brochures, and general info on the area. Enjoy your stay in a special ( uncrowded ) part of the Adirondacks. Dave

thanks Dave
we normally rented a cabin in Inlet for the last several years, but decided to branch out and see something else. we plan to bike, hike, and kayak. glad to know that there are still fish in the lakes and that acid rain hasn’t killed them off. its always exciting to go and try a new place to explore and we’re looking forward to our stay in the area. thanks for pointing me to the chamber of commerce for maps and info.