Lake Champlain - Vergennes Vermont

I’ll be at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes Vermont for meetings all of next week. Does anyone have any suggestion re launch sites and short day paddle opportunities in that area?

Toured through there with canoe on
the roof last summer, but was focused on rivers, which were too low. I’d do a quick scout on Google Earth. I just found some great paddles in the deep south, from space, that weren’t in any existing guidebooks.

Lake Champlain paddles
Go across the lake to Pigeon Cove, very pretty and secluded. Also across the lake to Westport for lunch. Go north to Arnold Bay to see nesting Ospreys and paddle a little ways up Otter Creek.

A little longer jaunt, north to Kingsland Bay, across the lake to Split Rock and then back. On the way, peek at the funky little house on the tiny island with the navigation light.

There’s a great restaurant right on the lake in Essex, NY at the ferry landing. Put in at Ferrisburg Beach near Kingsland Bay State Park on the Vermont side.

Have a great trip.


Thanks, I wondered whether poking
up the Otter would be worthwhile.

We had to put off a Newfoundland trip this year. May ask you about your coastal experience if we can go in a later year.

demo opportunity
You might enjoy trying a guideboat for a change of pace: