Lake Champlain VT

My extended family is renting a house on Mallets Bay on Lake Champlain this summer. Three questions:

  1. We will have touring kayaks along and thought I would throw it out to the group for any suggested paddles from that area or important info to know.
  2. I may also throw a whitewater boat on the rack, are there any decent Class 2 - 3 runs within an hour or so drive?
  3. The family wants to rent a pontoon boat or runabout while there, but cannot find anyone that either rents by the week or will let you keep the boat at your rental property overnight. Any suggestions on vendors?

    Thanks in advance - Jamie

well there’s this

as far as the WW goes, you may want to check out .

I think I’ll post this over there for you, things are slow…

This is a decent guide to paddles on
the lake -

It is a big lake. White water in the area is mostly spring - March, April, May, June. Fast steep runs.

Champlain has zebra mussels
If you are in an area with them - I am not sure how bad it is up that way - make sure people have good hands and feet cover. They produce nasty cuts and a number of our bunch have found out the hard way that coming into shore gloveless or with poorly secured sandals makes for a lot of band aids.