Lake Champlain

Hi People,

I am from Montreal, Canada and I want to paddle the length of Lake Champlain. Does anyone know where I can find charts for the Lake?

Also, I’d like to know about places where I can camp along the length of the lake on both the New York as well as the Vermont sides? Any other useful information, or tips, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…


Lake Champlain
Charts are available at West Marine, just off of the Burlington exit, but you could also head down to Dorset St. to Canoe Imports. There they’d have not only the charts, but maybe the smaller waterproof ones which would be handier for paddling. You might also pick up the new guide to Lake Champlain written by Margy Holden and Cathy (or Kathy?) Frank. It’s a great reference guide written with paddlers in mind, but useful to all. Good luck, and if you’d like company for the islands segment, let me know. I live in South Hero, paddle most days and could discuss your trip further. Contact me through this list.

The book is…
A Kayaker’s Guide to Lake Champlain - Exploring the New York, Vermont & Quebec Shores, by Catherine Frank & Margaret Holden. It looks like a great guide, and gives you a lot of history and natural history of the area.

For paddling charts, I like Maptech Waterproof Charts - you will need #48 & 49 to do the length of the lake.

For the Lake Champlain watertrail and it’s campsites, I understand that you need a $40 membership in the Lake Champlain Committee organization to get the guide book to the trail.

Good luck, Alan

Paddeling Lake Champlain
Hi Phelps…,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Much appreciated!

Very nice of you to offer to meet-up with me along the route, I’d love that! Will definitely coordinate that with you as the date approaches. I am figuring on leaving from St.Jean-sur-Richelieu, around 25 miles South of Montreal, and paddeling down to Lake Champlain sometime around the first week of June… To be honest, I have no idea how long this adventure will take, but I’m not setting many limits on time. I wonder if you would mind if I pick your brain between now and then? Questions such as what I need to know in terms of regulations with respects to my sea kayak, in Vermont/New York water?

I will definitely join the association mentioned, and order the smaller version of the chart book too.

My only real experience with this kayak is from time I spent in Northern Quebec last year where I was teaching the Cree Indians. I was up around a thousand miles North of Montreal (around 450 miles East of the base of James Bay). The lakes were pristine and the paddeling wonderful.

I just read news about a young fellow Canadian who died on Lake Champlain last week. What a tragidy… I am thinking of sticking close to the shores…

I am so looking forward to this trip and it’s really great to think of meeting friendly people, such as yourself, along the way.

This is great!

Thanks again for the reply.


Kayak in Lake Champlain
Hi Alan,

Hey, thanks for the info. Will go for your recommendations. I’ve been heading down to the Lake Champlain region for years now, and I’m really looking forward to doing so this time by kayak.

I think I have a pretty nice adventure lined-up!

Thanks again for your prompt reply, it’s especially good to hear from actual people rather than just looking-up info on sites. Any additional info you might have to pass along for me to keep in mind would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!



If you want take a look at Parc Mont tremblant and the red river (Riviera rouge) which i have been to in the past and is known for its outstanding kayaking! Mont tremblant is about 2 hours away from Montreal but is definitely worthwhile.

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