Lake Drummond, Great Dismal Swamp, VA

Can anyone give me information on this lake in Virginia??? I live in the area, but have never paddled back there. Is it a round trip, one day paddle? Seems that we often miss out on the places closest to us! Thanks all.

It’s a 3 1/2 mile paddle down the Dismal Swamp Canal and Feeder Ditch from Rt. 17, including a short portage at the damn at the edge of the lake. The lake itself is about 11 miles of shoreline (swampline?) and it’s a fairly easy out-and-back paddle. If you go out into the lake, it can stretch to a full day trip. It’s about 7 feet deep at the deepest point, and once you paddle away from the canal it can be a bit challenging to see where you came out of the trees!

Very interesting paddling, with lots of wildlife and this is actually the better time to go due to the bugs in the summer. The canal/ditch paddle can get boring as it’s a long, straight, narrow paddle (about 30 yards wide at the most).

The water is the color or iced tea due to the natural tannins in the water. We have a full moon paddle on the canal coming up near Halloween, which will be quite spooky :-).

Lake Drummond
THANK YOU!!! I live in Camden, NC and pass the feeder ditch often…or used to on the old road. Just never ventured back to the lake. I appreciate your time and information. Stay well and have a great Winter!!