Lake Erie and Ocean kayak

What kayak would be good for Lake Erie and the ocean.I am 5’10" and 215.lbs.I just started kayaking this summer.I do not have enough for carbon,would like something stable. thanks for your help.

Lessons First

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Lake Erie and the ocean are big water, and the boat that best suits them is unlikely to meet your current idea of stability. And safety issues as well - we were on the shore of Lake Erie for a gathering this last Saturday and the horizon of the lake was seriously bumpy, let alone the whitecaps that were blowing all day closer in. (Very pretty as below, but very bumpy a well.) You should have some basic skills and probably a better understanding of kayaks than at this stage to handle that kind of water body.

Do I guess correctly that your starting kayaking this summer has been rentals/borrowed boats? Or is there some place that you have taken a basic lesson or so? If yes, you may be able to get into winter sessions and get useful advice from there.

If not, where do you live? Someone on this board may know of a club or an outfitter near you that runs winter pool sessions. Great way to both get basic skills and meet some paddling buddies for the spring.

Later thought - I am assuming that, with lake Erie and the ocean on your list, you are talking about wanting to do things like trip to islands that are well off-shore, that kind of thing. Hence my first response being about your skills. In that paddling situation, you can be more flexible about the boat than your own skill level.

the lake
Was gorgeous this Saturday - at least at the Presque Isle.

As to the original question - 2nd Celia’s advice.

more info
if you could elaborate on what you’re looking for maybe some folks on here might be able to answer your question a little better. For example, are you looking for a traditional sit in kayak, or a sit on top? What price range, length, construction, anything that you’re sure you want would be helpful. I’ve paddled a lot on lake Erie (no ocean experience) and I’ve paddled mostly sit on tops that are ultra stable made by Ocean Kayak, can’t go wrong there but you really do need a bit of experience on big water before venturing out too far in most places, it’s really amazing how fast the wind and waves can pick up on any of the Great Lakes.

Have a good one!

Do you live near Erie??
What area? There are some groups on the south shore that may be able to help you