Lake Erie (NW PA)

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Have any of you paddled the entire PA shoreline? I know there was a trip last year, but I'm not sure who organized it. It was pretty pricey too. I want to try and do it this year. Is anybody else up for it? I can do some logistics and such since I live 5 minutes away. There are campgrounds along the shoreline that may be able to be utilized. I can check into them if anybody is interested.


Lake Erie
Are you talking about the Lake Erie Sojourn? That has turned into an annual event sponsored by the DCNR at the Ridge Center. This year it is scheduled to run from the evening of August 13 through Sunday August 17. It’s going to run from Camp Fitch (N. Springfield) to Shades Beach. For the whole thing it is $160.00, which isn’t bad since all you need to bring is your own equipment. Meals, guide service and some incidental lessons are all included. The group from 41 North in Cleveland are the guides, and they also offer some instruction and demonstrations along the way. It’s one of the only opportunities to camp on the beach at Presque Isle. I did part of it last year for the 1st time and met a lot of great people.

I also plan to cover the entire PA lakeshore this year. I did about 1/2 last summer.

Yep, the Lake Erie Sojourn – that’s what I was thinking of. It sounds like fun, but I can’t see spending that kind of money when I can do it on my own terms for nothing. The only reason I might consider it is just to get the opportunity to camp on Presque Isle, I can get lessons from Evergreen Outfitters if I decide I want to.

Are you from around Erie? If you need a partner to do the lakeshore with let me know. I would like to launch at Conneaut, OH and paddle to Barcelona, NY – give or take a mile or two. Either way it would encompass all of the PA shoreline and a smidgen of OH and NY. I’m not sure how long it would take to complete the trip, but I’m sure it will require at least one, and possibly two overnight stays somewhere along the way.

There is also a trip every Tuesday night (or Thursday…I’d have to double check) during the Summer that Evergreen Outfitters puts on. Have you done this trip; it is basically an after work paddle and anybody is welcome. I don’t believe it costs anything provided you have your own equipment.


Lake Erie
I am about 2 miles from the entrance to Presque Isle. I would like to do the whole shoreline, but I can’t do anything until June (work commitments).

No kidding…
I’m only 4 or 5 miles myself - up by McDowell. But I work even closer. I do plan to do some trips befoe and after work before attempting the shoreline. And in all actuallity I can’t do the shoreline until possibly early July. I have a few out of town trips I have to make in June.

I’ll try to get in touch with you when I blow the dust of the kayak and let it hit the water. I’ve been itching to get it out, but I have to finish the roof on my house first.