Lake Geneva, Switzerland

I have a friend who is moving to Switzerland, near Lake Geneva (the town is Cully). She has an 8 year old son and wants to start sea kayaking. All I see online is ww kayaking in the area, which makes sense, but I promised I’d find out what I could.

Any Europeans out there with an idea where I can get them started?


Ask on A couple of folks there live on Lake Geneva

will do
thanks Chuck!

Great comeback from the shoulder injury!!


How’s your German?
In December I visited a “kanu & kajak” exhibit (9 boats strong) in the Nordamerika Native Museum in Zurich. While there, I picked up a pamphlet for, which I assume is a Swiss sea kayak association, but not so sure, since the pamphlet is in German. There’s a web site: And, there’s a message board.

Guess what, it’s all in German. But, being a clever, message-board savy type, if you can figure out the interface, I believe a post in English would be effective. Most younger or urban, German-speaking Swiss seemed to have excellent English skills, so I think an English post might draw responses.

Good Luck,

Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

Thanks Chip
Great lead, and luckily one of my paddling partners is German.


Paddling In Switzerland
Lyngo - Was your friend ever able to find out about paddling in Switzerland? In a couple of weeks I will start an extended work assignment just east of lake Geneva and was hoping to find a place that would rent a rec kayak so I could hit the lake 1 or 2 times while I was there.