Lake George - Adirondaks

Does anyone have any experience camping here? A friend was asking and will be spending a week there and was wondering about good camping spots etc…

very crowded
This is a very expensive tourist town. is run by brian and grace mcdonnell and it would be good to check with them.

Many island campsites.
There are many great campsites (run by N.Y> DEC) on the Lake George Islands, especially in the Narrows and up near Huletts Landing. They can be reserved on-line, but they get very crowded in the summer, and the best time to camp on Lake George is between Labor Day and Columbus Day. There are two state campgrounds on the mainland, Rogers Rock on the north end of the lake and one several miles north of Lake George Village. Rogers Rock is very nice, but crowded until Labor Day.

There is a huge amount of boat traffic on Lake George fom Memorial Day to Labor Day , so one must plan paddling trips carefully during that time. In the off season, when boat traffic diminishes, paddling is superb.
is much closer than Macs Canoe is. Both shops are run by great people, though.

I’ve never camped on Lake George. I’ve read a couple of good trip reports from September, and that’s when I’d be inclined to go.

– Mark

Thanks for …
the info. I appreciate it and I know my friend will too…

Island sites
There are a couple of islands with only a few campsites. Shoot for those if you don’t like crowds.

Lake George

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The lake is 32 miles long & it's easy to have a great time & be absolutely no where near village which is in far S end of lake
As stated there are a couple hundred (literally) great island campsites but they're operated as a campground w/ fees, reservations & many campers. From mid-Sept to mid-May all sites revert to free, 1st come, 1st served status & 98% of traffic is gone. Otherwise LG is in Jamieson's words "the domain of the motorboat" The lake's crystal blue/green water is surrounded by mtns, each w/ very scenic trails & awesome summit views. It's also a very historic place, think Montcalm, Rogers Rangers, Ft Wm Henry, & "Last of Mohicans" The Narrows & NW bay are great places to paddle but timing is everything in terms of wind & powerboats.
My wife & I much enjoy camping there in early May or in Fall