Lake George - Not so Bad

My fiancée and I paddled Lake George this weekend of all weekends (4th of July) it was surprisingly tolerable for a kayaker.

Put in at Bolton Landing and hugged the shore north past North bolton before crossing Northwest Bay over to the Tongue Mt. shore around the peninsula over to the Glen Island district camping Islands. Spent two nights on Turtle Island on one of the back up sites because our reservation at reserve America failed. Props to the DEC Rangers for hooking us, good guys and gals. Paddled back to Bolton landing on Monday against a strong head wind and approx. 2 ft swells. Waves splashing over the bow, It was awesome! A true adventure! We loved it. Because of the waves and the wind there were not many whippersnappers motoring around and water sking, it took us a good half hour to cross the mouth of the bay and I don’t think one boat crossed us. I guess we got lucky but it made for a great weekend cap. Oh and it didn’t down-pour until after we pulled out and packed up. Luck was on our side that day!

Great for a beginner/less experienced paddler, hence my fiancée and even my self probably, lots of waves to get used to and always people to flag down in case of emergency. A good confidence builder in my opinion.

True however is the wrenching sound of the 200 hp jet boat that zooms pasted your camp site at day break and the constant humming sound of motor boats all day, plus its just under 4 hours form North Jersey if you get up early enough. I recommend it non-the less. I love the concept of every body camping out by way of boat, its all new to me. Can’t wait to take the kids there some day whenever we get around having them.

Any advice on good flat water paddling closer to NYC is gladly accepted. Any where in the Catskills?

Hudson River
Have you paddled various sections of the Hudson . . .Tivoli, Cold Spring, etc.

Lake George caution
Lake George can be a great place to paddle. However, with either strong winds or heavy power boat traffic it can be dangerous. I’ve been out there enough times to know that with either, only a kayak with a skirt on is safe.

Once after heading south from NW bay, after turning northeast from Montcalm point, it went from a pleasant paddle to a rough windy ride not suitable for everyone.

As some books say, only with a stagnant high pressure system overhead should one travel out in an open boat on Lake George. (I would add - or with kids).

One of my best trips was a weekend in early May near Floating Bettery Island not long after the ice went out - but I had good weather, and a kayak.