Lake George NY, New Rules for Motor Boat Renters

Just an FYI. Not enough to stop someone determined to be a dangerous idiot, but it might shift liability enough to get the marina’ attention.

It’s a start. We have lost a lot of enforcement on our lakes because of budget cuts. We look for places and times that are not popular with the burning gas and hauling a$$ crowd.

should have a video when people buy a kayak also about dangers of using it improperly.

I guess that big yellow tag presumes some reading comprehension.

what tag is that? If it is in print I guess it would. Great deduction!

New paddle craft have a large yellow tag stuck to them explaining the inherent risks of paddling.
It’s been a requirement for years.

anything on cold water perils on it? Hvae a picture of one anybody? Thanks

all I have seen is this in mine

zero about water temps.