Lake Jocassee Rendesvous


Will I be alone Kayaking AND Fishing, or are others planning on trying to get some trout too?


Wish I could be there, that’s one
beautiful lake.

You could…Simply take the time off
and come on up! ;-p

Don’t worry, I will leave some fish for you if you decide to travel up there again! ;-p


No desire to travel 900 miles to fish,
have plenty of that within 30 minutes of home. Maybe one of these days, I’ll come out to your neck of the woods and find out if those reds and specks fight as well as on the Gulf Coast.

Oh well…
The Reds and Specks here fight every bit as well as those in the Gulf. We also get Tarpon and Cobia in these waters during the summer…

You are not gonna find any better Trout Fishing closer to there…well, maybe the White River in Missouri.

You will be missed.


The do have some good sized browns
in the White River. Beavers Bend in Oklahoma, I hear, has good fishing too. Its not but 900 miles or so to the San Juan in NM. But, I’ve heard about those Jocassee trout and I do prefer lakes to rivers most of the time. See you on the water sometime.

Good points about the San Juan
though I believe that the fishery in NBeavers Bend is put and take only.

I also read that there is some trout fishing just west of San Antonio…just can’t remember the name of the place, but it is spring fed.

Perhaps you could travel east to the Florida Panhandle sometime, and I might meet you there. Could ALWAYS target the reds, snook, spotted seatrout and tarpon in those waters.


The Guadelupe River just north of
San Antonio is the only place in Texas that has a year round trout fishery…much too warm. Its a tailrace fishery, put and take, though they think there are some breeders, not many though. Unfortunately, after about mid-April, its difficult to fish because of all the toobers (otherwise known as drunks in inner-tubes). They stock trout in lots of ponds around Texas, but first to the stock truck, first to catch is the rule…same as in upstate SC.