Lake Jocassee, SC, 3 day paddle and camp trip.

@tjalmy said:
I don’t think I’ve seen Jocassee with the water so high! I’ve got to go back!

Yes the water is way up.

I am heading to Fontana Lake, tomorrow. Will paddle it, on Friday and Saturday. We may move of to Jocassee for Sunday and Monday. Are there any put in-s, other than at Devils Fork? Looking at Google Earth, I am not seeing much.

Devils Fork is it as far as I know. They were turning folks away last Saturday at 10 AM for lack of parking. I was told they have turned 6,000 cars away so far this summer. Sunday shouldn’t be to bad. At least it wasn’t last week, and late in the day might not be as bad either since day use will be thinning out.

Have you paddled Cascade or Bear Lakes, in the area? Sunday and Monday paddling, is mainly scouting for an October trip.

I haven’t paddled Cascade or Bear Lakes. Sorry I can’t be more help there.

I paddled Bear years ago. Very pretty then.