Lake Jocassee - Thursday 30MAR23

Anyone else going there?

Is there a group going ?

Hey String, long time no see.
Group of one so far -

I would be camping up there this weekend but am currently in isolation due to being exposed to Covid. Great place to paddle.

Xenon, are you the QCC 700 guy? Highly unlikely I’ll make it Thursday.

nah, I’m Dwight with the Nigel Foster Silhouette. And my wife just cancelled my Thursday plans - maybe next week.

Next week might be possible. Right now Im paddling a Pungo 140 and trying to recover from a non paddling winter. Won’t even attempt to keep up with a sea kayak but love Jocassee so we’ll see.

I haven’t done any kayaking for several years, so I don’t know how far I can get, much less whether or not I can keep up with you in a Pungo. I was hoping to go Thursday because the Windfinder forecast was for light and variable. Let’s see what next week looks like -

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What is the water temperature at lake Jocassee?

53 deg

Still too cold for me.

Me too.

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I was just doing some repair on my boat in the sun. The 67° felt really good!