Lake Jocassee Trip

We got in 2 days and ~30 miles of paddling. Then got out of Dodge, prior to Michael making landfall. We would have loved to gotten at least 1 more day. We only got to 4 of the 7 main waterfalls. I guess we will get the other 3, on another trip. Pictures are a bit out of order. The rainbow pictures where taken, just after we got back to the ramp. Little pop up storm gave us a good soaking. We where wet anyway.

Great photos! Jocassee is worth a return trip. It looks like the water was low in anticipation of the storm rains. Was there much boating activity?

The center of Michael passed over us a couple hours ago and the wind has picked back up, but not really bad. What havoc it had on the FL panhandle is far worse. Wish those folks a speedy recovery.

No many boats on the lake. I think we where the only kayaks. Saw a few bass boats and tour pontoons, and occasional water lice. Basically had the lake, to ourselves,. We had planned to stay through Friday, but Michael had other plans. We are home, safe and sound. We will be hitting the coast, this weekend. We live ~90 minutes from the Emerald Isle area,

What a beautiful area! Thanks for the photos.

I need to get there before the lake refills.

String, how full, do they keep it? I liked, that we could get out a lot places, unlike Fontana, this year, full, no where to get out, even the rocky part of Hazel Creek, was flooded, we paddled to the walking trails, they were flooded. I think Jocassee, is much prettier, those small islands out in the center, and the waterfalls, really enjoyed seeing them. Kinda rough, getting across, both days, but we paddle choppy water, all the time, so nothing different.

At full pool there are only a couple of places to get out . I enjoy it when it is down; looks more interesting and it is nice to stretch once in awhile.
I think they prefer to keep it full so it can generate at peak power times.
In the late 80s it was frequently down by 25’. That’s a guess.

thanks for sharing the pics, makes me want to go there and check out the waterfalls