Lake Lanier -Historical Water Temp

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Unsuccessfully, I have been trying to find a web site that provides historical water temp for Lake Lanier. I am new to the area, so I do not have a reference point; what makes or does not make sense. I have already tried reading fisherman reports, but many of them does not make any sense: some of them are currently talking of water temp. in the low 40’s and other of water temp. in the high 50’s. I understand that because it is an small lake (not the ocean) I should expect high variances from time to time. Therefore,…

any help would be greatly appreciated…


Lake Temp
Place to start is Army Corp of Engineers. Their office is next to the dam. They will have records.

Next: Water temp will vary greatly depending on depth. The river below the dam is very cold as the water actually goes under the dam not over it, so it is the temp of the bottom of the lake.

it’ll warm up fast, ice
it’s not all that deep, so you’ll be able to swim in it by april or may. it actually gets too hot to be refreshing by September. doesn’t get too cold for swimming until november. don’t worry about it so much.


Thanks Andrew
I am just looking for some reference point to see whether I need to buy some warmer clothes for the coldest days during winter season. Generally, I like to buy one season in advance to take advantage of the sales!

Anyway, I know you are currently paddling in MS, so you have to be laughing at me for worrying about GA water temp. :smiley:


Hey Ice,

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75 degrees water temp on the lake where I paddle ;-) Attire: shorts!

Hope you and the family are getting used to the new area.


Hi Hex,
Everything is fine, but the family is not moving until the summer. To move kids in the middle of the school year was going to be too problematic, and my new boss wanted me here as soon as possible. Actually, they are coming tomorrow and spending a week up here.

Career wise, I am way more than happy with the move; the paddler inside of me is not as happy yet. Although I have paddled often lately, I still miss the 75º waters :frowning: , the shorts, and the beach… Lake Lanier is very pretty though!

Hey, hope to see you in the starting line one of these days…