Lake lila canoe camping

Does anyone out there have any info. on Lake Lila in the Adirondacks? I am planning a trip there with my 5 year old son, and would like to ensure that it is both enjoyable & memorable for both him and me. I am looking for tips and advise on sites,the access trail to the lake,hiking up Mt. Frederica,fishing,beaches,etc. I have quite a bit of backcountry canoe camping experience, but can always learn a new trick. Thanks in advance.

Lake Lila
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If MarksLove doesn’t get you what you need, contact me at Lila is a great place and you should have a fine time (note the .3 mile carry - which wheels aren’t the best for). Mt. Fredricka is worth it.

I’m sure you could “search” the forums and find more info.

how about
lean-tos and out houses

Lean-tos and outhouses
One lean-to - which is beautiful, but gets a lot of “traffic” from hikers to Frederica and day-trippers on the lake.

Outhouses - only 2, both at the parking area and new the end of last season (one is for ADA compliance, I believe).