Lake Lila NY

Has anyone paddled Lake Lila? Can you take a canoe in there on portage wheels?

Lake Lila
Maybe, but it seems that most people care in. It’s a short walk.

the Path is a bit Rough for wheels…
but the lake is well worth the effort of carrying in- one of my favorites


It may be a short walk,
but good friends of mine who went there a couple years ago were VERY grateful for a ride back to the lot from the ranger. So it’s probably not that short a walk. If you have a light craft that isn’t awkward to carry, perhaps walking it is best. Otherwise, a cart may be a good thing to have. In fact, I was just saying this morning that I may be visiting Lake Lila this summer, now that I got a cart for Christmas.

Lila foot path
The carry from the parking lot to the shore of Lake Lila is .3 miles. It is well worn with exposed roots and rocks. To use a portage cart would depend on the diameter of the wheels. Easier to carry IMO.

Lake Lila
when you say a ride from the ranger does that mean I could take my Jeep Wrangler all the way to the lake?

L Lila access
The “carry” trail into Lila from parking area is just under .3m. It’s plenty wide enough for carts-3 of them could travel abrest except for the 3’ wide planked bridge over wet area & the final 50 yd long plankway onto the beach. As stated there are a few roots to bounce over & rocks to steer around. Also a few waterbars to cross. I’ve often passed carts traveling it while carrying my canoe & gear in or out. Unless you’ve a real aversion to carrying, I believe it’s the easier choice.

The access trail is not driveable. Nor is the gated rd beyond the parking area to any but DEC & owners or leaseholders of private land beyond gate. This rd skirts N & W shores of Lila & is more likely where RS’s friends were given a lift by ranger. The only public rd access is from the parking area mentioned. One can paddle into Lila downstream on Shingle Shanty or Harrington Brooks or upstream on Beaver R. It’s a great destination but justifiably crowded on summer weekends. Go w/ cart if you like but go & enjoy !

Yeah, that must be how they got a ride
Can’t say for sure. I wasn’t there. And it was a campfire story with the usual embellishments, so you know how it goes.